Human Trafficking Infographic

This social cause infographic informs its audience about human trafficking facts and statistics in a visual manner. A simple color palette and attention to white space help to draw the viewer’s eye across the design.

The Red Tent Book Cover Design

This book cover reinterprets the cover art of the novel, The Red Tent. The cover photos were edited to fit the black and white color scheme. Red, script typography helps emphasize the mood of the novel.

David Bowie Vinyl Album Cover Design

This vinyl album cover includes a front cover, back cover, spine and the labels for both sides of the record. The design playfully reimagines David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane cover into a bold and graphic Greatest Hits cover. The album cover was sketched freehand, using simple shapes and lines to recreate Bowie’s iconic portrait. The color palette includes the blue and reds from the original cover, while incorporating a fresh twist with green and pale oranges.

Social Cause Awareness Poster

This social cause awareness poster informs its audience about human trafficking prevention. The color palette was chosen to match the logo of The National Human Trafficking Hotline. A barcode was edited onto the forehead of a young girl to emphasize the “not for sale” theme of the campaign.



Riverside Art Studio Summer Camp Poster

createHER Collective Magazine Ad

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