Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

This photo of the Duomo was published in the March-April 2018 issue of Blending, the news publication of the Florence University of the Art’s press, Ingorda. An awareness of viewpoint and perspective were utilized to capture the shot’s engaging composition.

Looking over Piazzale Michelangelo

This photo of a woman overlooking the Florentinian cityscape was on display in Elizabethtown College’s High Library as part of a photo exhibit sponsored by the Study Abroad office. Selective focus on the subject and a wide aperture were used to capture and to add depth to this shot.

Riservato Gondolieri

This photo of a gondolier on break in Venice, Italy was taken for a Digital & Film Photography class. The shot uses the rule of thirds to draw the viewer’s eye into the composition.

Closeups of Firenze

This close-up of souvenir magnets from a street vendor stand in Florence, Italy was taken for a Digital & Film Photography class.  The image’s brightness and saturation were adjusted in post production editing.

In With The New

This flat lay photo was created in partnership with the Her Campus Trendsetters program to promote the new Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Activated Cream-to-Foam Facial Cleanser. The image’s exposure and vibrance were adjusted in post production editing. The dimensions of this photo were edited for Instagram.