Press Releases


“With “Torn”, K-Bust bares her soul, allowing her audience to feel her anger and sadness. The track’s powerful vocals and haunting lyrics eloquently express what it feels like to be in a relationship where we give all have and are left empty-handed.”

tara - pr

“Every singer/songwriter can agree that they would be lost without their instrument of choice. Dynamic artist Tara Velarde pays tribute to the instruments on which she has written some of her best work in her new single, “Willow Baby,” which premieres today on Music Existence.”


“6-piece Oakland based funk and soul band Trace Repeat have partnered with Owl Mag for the premiere of their fourth single release off of their forthcoming album, The Oaktown Sound.”


“The video for this danceable groove features an incredible performance by the band, set against a clean white background.  With faded, psychedelic overlays and stunning split-screens, the video’s visuals complement the song’s dynamic descent into an intense saxophone-led breakdown at its conclusion.”


“After spending a year in Berlin working with a German music producer on new material and experimenting with her ever-evolving sound, electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust is back with the premiere of her new single, “Over” on Buzznet. “Over” offers listeners a sampling of the haunting, electronic influences that K-Bust has incorporated into her second studio album, Fearless.”

linds katt

“Many artists struggle to find their place in the creative community and to allow themselves to be vulnerably expressive. Inspired by the music of Lindsay Katt, indie film The Avant-Gardener follows the journey of one such artist who must search within herself to truly discover her voice. The Avant-Gardner’s creative mastermind, Katt, has always been drawn to music as a way to connect life’s pieces and make a lasting contribution to the world.”


“Every so often, an artist comes along who speaks right to the heart of his or her listeners; no matter which language they speak. Montreal-based electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust expresses herself fluently in English, Spanish and French while managing to speak three additional languages.”