createher collective

Content designed for createHER Collective, a community supporting students, post-grads + pros as they curate creative + multi-hyphenate careers.

Ed2010 & Talent fairy

Content designed for Ed2010, a website that provides career advice, group and 1:1 coaching and job postings for anyone looking to launch a career in media & sister company Talent Fairy, an agency that finds and develops creative content. 

The Marketing Mixtape: DIy tips

Content designed for The Marketing Mixtape, a branding & promotions company that helps musicians reach fans effectively.


Content designed for All In Initiative, a Richmond, VA-based movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Common man project

Content designed for The Common Man Project, an indie band seeking to promote self-worth and purpose in an American culture.

Dress A Girl

Content designed for Elizabethtown chapter of Dress A Girl, a nonprofit dedicated to sewing modest cotton children’s dresses to be delivered to little girls at-risk around the world.